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VRscape is a virtual reality production and post production studio, dedicated to bringing a range of immersive content to the masses.  From 360 video coverage of live events to creating unique narrative experiences,  as well as deploying the full commercial potential of virtual reality in its unparalleled ability to captivate its audience. Never before has there been a tool to so intimately connect, and compel a potential customer to notice and experience a product, and we aim to maximise the potential of this new technology.

VR connects businesses to customers in incredibly intimate and engaging ways, with a far greater response rate than traditional video.

From live events, cultural venues, breathtaking properties or travel destinations, VRscape delivers mind blowingly immersive experiences.  

VRscape is developing narrative and interactive VR content, to radically alter the way we tell stories and experience the impossible.  

360 video is a far more interactive, immersive and compelling experience than traditional video formats - with both an initial "wow" factor and endlessly re-playable. Every emotion is more intense, vivid and  genuinely felt. It is essentially an "empathy machine", particularly suitable for such areas as charities, hotels, travel destinations, sports events, concerts or cultural institutions - where a 360 video is the next best thing to being there. Studies have shown customers are 70% more likely to engage and act upon a 360 video.

Here at VRscape, we employ a range of different techniques to capture 360 degree imagery, from mono or stereo photography to video to full 3D mapping, which we can then stitch, edit, grade and apply effects to. We provide our post production expertise to a number of major production companies in the UK. By being able to control the entire production process, from planning to shooting to delivery, we can keep costs reasonable while maintaining a single point of contact capable of responding to feedback throughout the process. 


BBC - Damming the Nile

We most recently provided post production services for the BBC's VR hub, stitching, patching and colour grading two short documentaries about the dam currently being built in Ethiopia.


This video featured on the main BBC news page, in an abbreviated version which you can watch here. Episode 2 can be found here.

Fanta - the 13th Floor

VRscape recently had the pleasure of working on Fanta's Halloween 360 experience, shown to the public in a number of locations including Thorpe Park and Westfield, followed by Stockholm.  We handled all post production for this complex stereoscopic project, including extensive patching, rotoscoping, editing and grading.  

Winner "Best use of content (budget under £250K)" at the 2018 Mediaweek awards.

GSK - Malaria 

VRscape created a number of 360 videos looking into the personal experiences of people afflicted by illness for GSK and Naked Eye.  This particular video looks at treatment for Malaria in Nigeria and Indonesia

LEXUS: THE LIFE RX 360 with Jude Law

VRscape handled post production for this ambitious 80 camera 360 coverage of this launch event with Jude Law for Lexus. 10 rigs of 8 cameras each were used and VRscape was on hand to stitch, edit and grade.

You can read more about the making of this project by clicking here

RBS Six Nations - England v Wales

VRscape handled all post production for this video of the highlights of the England v Wales match at Twickenham. With a large number of angles requiring multiple 360 rigs, and some very close up encounters with England's finest players, this was a challenge but a great project to work on.


VRscape recently produced this award winning 360 video for the Icelandic band Cryptochrome. A hallucinatory experience which aimed to push the boundaries of what is possible with 360 video, delivering a mind boggling and truly immersive trip through the subconscious!

Winner "Best music video" at the 2017 Northern Wave film festival


VRscape operates EPIC LIVE MUSIC, a youtube page  featuring 360 degree videos of live performances both on stage at major venues as well as more stripped down, intimate performances outside or in the artist's studio. The end result is a unique experience for fans and artists alike and a way to erase the boundaries between them.

VRscape Ltd.

50 Narrow Street

48 Papermill Wharf,

London, E14 8BZ

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 07910 527 796 


Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm



If you have a project in mind or would like to know more about
Virtual Reality and our services, please get in touch!
Call us on +44 07910 527 796 or email us at
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