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Virtual Reality and 360 video is our passion. We've made it our goal over the past 2 years to explore the best and most efficient ways to create content for this exciting new medium. We believe there is no art form more engaging than VR and we are excited to be pioneers in this revolutionary new art form. 
With our studio in London, our unparalleled post production know-how, and our eagerness to explore VR's possibilities, we believe we are an ideal partner to help you achieve your vision, from concept to release.  Here are just a few ways we can help you.
  • State of the art editing and VFX rigs, with the latest Nvidia graphics and NVME SSDs for lightning fast render times

  • We offer editing, stitching, compositing, rotoscoping and grading services


  • We are a full service production company, able to generate concepts with you and take your project from scripting through to filming, post production and distribution, including 360 audio and voice over recording.
  • We use a number of different camera systems for both stereoscopic and monoscopic acquisition, and can also cater for live streaming. 
  • Our studio in Woolwich features a 180 degree cyclorama with a wide range of lighting options.

  • Capable of handling live broadcasts, as well as complex shoots, with chroma key and in situ post production facilities

  • Feel free to drop by! We have a comfortable client area where we'd be happy to demonstrate our services. Get in touch at 

  • We are VR evangelists! Over the last 2 years, we've been invited to explain Virtual reality and 360 video to companies all over the world and at such institutions as University College London. We're always happy to come to you to explain why this technology is so exciting and how it can help you.

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