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Epic Live Music launches first monthly Virtual Reality live music show, revolutionising the music streaming experience

Thursday, 24 May 2018 


LONDON – 24 May 2018 – Epic Live Music a project of leading virtual reality production studio VRscape, has launched today the first monthly virtual reality 360 video music show. This first episode features the talents of artists Daisy Chute, Cerian, Marcelo Durham and Felix Holt,performing songs around the viewer before chatting to each other about the music creation process. With 47% of millennials no longer watching content on traditional TV platforms[1], 360 video brings a new immersive experience to stream music from unsigned newcomers to big names in the industry.


With new content available every month, Epic Live Music presents 360 VR videos to connect artists and fans in incredibly intimate and engaging ways, delivering a completely new and immersive experience of live music. Producer Chris Rowe, comments “This is not just a new way to consume music, 360 VR live music allows people to experience music in a totally different way, every emotion is more intense, vivid and genuinely felt. Fans can listen to and see musicians individually, as well as enjoy the result of the group’s collaboration.”  Between each performance, the musicians sit together to discuss their work, with the viewer right at the heart of the experience.  


VR is increasingly becoming mainstream and music is one of the most popular suggestions for content by consumers[2]. Daisy Chute who took part in today’s episode said: “I’ve always loved the idea of being immersed in the room or space that an artist is in and feeling like you’re part of the band and getting a hyper-real experience, something you would never get if you were even just standing a few feet away”,

while artist Cerian explained that “every time you watch, there’s something new to see! I love that when you see one of us look at each other during a performance, you can turn around and see what it is we’re looking at: sharing a moment, giving a cue or joining in a harmony. Hopefully it lets the audience feel like they’re part of the process.”

 For artists the new platform provides a new creative outlet where they can enrich their music with radically new ways of telling a story or sharing an emotion or narrative.


Epic Live Music and VRscape are excited to collaborate with musicians from around the globe to deliver ever more interesting ways to enjoy music using 360 VR video and drive the industry to revolutionise the streaming experience. 


360 VR videos are designed to be viewed on any mobile phone and best with all VR sets. The first episode can be found here:


About VRscape:

VRscape is an award winning full service 360 video virtual reality production and post production studio. From 360 video coverage of live events to creating unique narrative experiences,  as well as deploying the full commercial potential of virtual reality in its unparalleled ability to captivate its audience.  Over the last two years VRscape has worked on projects for such clients as the BBC, GSK, Fanta, RBS Six Nations and Lexus. 


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[2]Consumer Technology Association found that consumers’ most popular suggestions for VR content were for concerts, sports and exercise

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